End User Benefits

Increase Efficiency and Experience Substantial Cost Savings with Instant Fluid Delivery

Financial Returns

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The financial rewards from PerfectFlow for participating operations are very compelling:

  • an increase in net income up to 18%
  • a return on investment up to 86% without a utility rebate, or up to 100% with a rebate
  • reduced fluid transfer energy costs up to 80%
  • pay only for the product you use

The financial benefits from using PerfectFlow with bulk fluid storage are even greater:

  • increased after-tax net income up to 23%, for participating operations
  • a return on investment up to 86% without a utility rebate, or up to 180% with a rebate
  • reduced energy, transportation, and certain other costs up to 29%

The most significant operational reasons behind the financial rewards are:

  • Low initial investment
  • Reduced product waste
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Reduced container costs
  • Increased equipment productivity

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No priming required, and the system includes the functionality of a pump! PerfectFlow systems can dispense fluids at virtually any speed; from very slow to speeds exceeding 250 GPM.  PerfectFlow has no moving parts! It dispenses in a continuous, non-pulsating stream.


  • reduces lubricant container change-out time by up to 95% by eliminating inserting and removing fluid pumps from the fluid container and the system’s quick-connect fittings.

  • eliminates follower-plate hang-up costs through its unique internal design where the system's piston does not touch the container sidewalls.

  • eliminates the need to "bleed" product lines resuming production since the system eliminates air pocket contamination (and air pocket contamination is harmful to pump operation).
Scalable and Flexible

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PerfectFlow increases your operational flexibility.  You can more easily and more quickly modify, reduce or expand your operational fluid transfer capability without installing or removing piping since PerfectFlow is self-contained and is available in flexible configurations and sizes – fully scalable in portable, bulk, and portable/bulk systems.

PerfectFlow systems range size from 3 ml up to 12,000 gallons and more. PerfectFlow system can be configured to meet virtually any requirement of your industry. Depending upon your preference, PerfectFlow systems can dispense your fluids from either the top or the bottom of the system.

Product Integrity & System Cleanliness

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Your product remains contamination free because PerfectFlow is a closed system.  PerfectFlow systems can be refilled without cleaning when used for the same fluid. The PerfectFlow system is typically cleaned only upon preparation for new duty with another fluid or when used in food-grade or pharmaceutical applications.


  • eliminates the hose-reel problem of uncontrolled retraction in combination with an open preset meter by eliminating hose-reels and providing increased functionality.

  • eliminates pulse dampeners since PerfectFlow provides non-mechanical (no moving parts), non-pulsating product dispensing.

  • enhances dispensing rate control by dispensing fluids at a constant, ratable rate because the technology is non-mechanical and non-pulsating. In addition, PerfectFlow dispensing rates can be extremely fast or extremely low, varying from 1,000 kilograms per minute or more to 1 gram per day or less as required by the application as a result of the system’s pneumatic power.

  • increases product quality because PerfectFlow is sealed, and an inert gas protects the product from moisture, oxygen and other contaminants; this is particularly relevant to the new marine lubricants.

  • eliminates “kitty litter” product contamination which can be acquired when traditional pumps are changed from empty containers to full containers because PerfectFlow eliminates the removing and inserting of fluid pumps.

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Another PerfectFlow system advancement is that it is portable. Oil drums and grease drums are heavy and difficult to move. PerfectFlow's portable systems are easily moved by way of hand carts.

PerfectFlow eliminates hose-reel installation and maintenance costs since the technology eliminates the need for hose-reels and provides equal or better functionality.

Self-powered for Remote Operations

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PerfectFlow can operate as a self-powered pump. This can be particularly useful in remote locations where there may be no access to power since the system uses instead the system’s internal, inert gas as a motive force.


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The PerfectFlow system can be refilled without cleaning when used for the same fluid!* The PerfectFlow system is typically cleaned only upon preparation for new duty with another fluid. Refineries use PerfectFlow to comply with ISO cleanliness standards.

With PerfectFlow users never handle a thick-fluid pump since the system either replaces the thick-fluid pump altogether or, if an auxiliary pump is required, it is permanently located and connected to the system with a quick-connect fitting.


  • eliminates the messy disposition of disposable containers since the technology eliminates disposable fluid containers.

  • prevents product spills and reduces slipping and falling accidents due to the system’s clean operation.

  • reduces environmental and product contamination costs by eliminating the need to insert and remove pumps from lubricants.

  • creates an enhanced employee environment because PerfectFlow systems are very user friendly and compatible with union shops.

  • is extremely quiet and makes no noise while dispensing fluids since PerfectFlow has no moving parts.

* except in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Robust, Certified, and Reliable

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Each PerfectFlow system is certified under ASME, DOT, or other relevant governmental regulations.  PerfectFlow is suitable for compliance with ISO 4406 standards.


  • eliminates the costs and problems from fluid containers being either pierced or dented by forklifts or crushed by heavier equipment. PerfectFlow systems have been driven over by D8 tractors. The systems were deformed and dented, but they did not leak.
  • increases fluid system reliability because PerfectFlow eliminates fluid pumps.

Traditional refill methods are messy and wasteful.

PerfectFlow means clean, easy transfer of thick fluids and almost zero waste.

Environmental Benefits

PerfectFlow is a unique, energy-efficient, fluid transfer system using sealed, refillable, reusable, and recyclable containers. Using PerfectFlow, you not only increase profits and earn a high return on investment, you reduce your environmental impact and improve your corporate sustainability.

Reduces Waste

PerfectFlow means that thick fluids are easily transferred with no mess and without material loss due to fluid adhesion on liners. PerfectFlow systems use no liners – and no liners equals no liner waste. Because PerfectFlow systems are sealed, they do not require cleaning before refilling for many products--further reducing environmental impact.

The PerfectFlow system is both sealed and refillable because the patented system uses an integral, dual-function valve for both dispensing and refilling. Only PerfectFlow systems keep products pure and free of contamination because the sealed systems remain closed during the dispensing and refilling process.

The materials of construction for PerfectFlow systems can be specified to be 100% recyclable.

Easy Cleaning

PerfectFlow systems can be cleaned if required. Cleaning is easy either for prescribed maintenance or for a change in fluid. Features that can be included for easy, fast, and cheap cleaning are cleaning ports, cleaning nozzles, and removable tops.

Increases Operational Flexibility

PerfectFlow systems can be of almost any size to fit almost any space or application. Many of its features can be added or deleted at your discretion. Systems can be combined in multiple ways to achieve your desired production functionality. They eliminate pumps, do not require high-pressure piping, have no moving parts, are easy to operate, require no maintenance, enjoy ready acceptance by union personnel, and, where required, have high pump compatibility.

Robust Systems Reduce Risk of Spills

PerfectFlow can help fluid manufacturers lower their environmental risk profile. PerfectFlow systems are robust and have been driven over by D8 tractors. The systems were deformed and dented, but they did not leak. All PerfectFlow IBCs are DOT or ASME approved.

Financial Benefits

PerfectFlow systems pay for themselves in about two years by reducing energy, transportation, and waste costs, assuming no utility rebate; or about one year with a rebate. PerfectFlow systems have a useful life exceeding 20 years.

PerfectFlow Economic Value Drivers

  • Reduction in fluid transfer energy costs up to 80%
  • Reduction in transportation costs up to 30%
  • Substantial reduction in European Green Dot fees
  • Elimination of many pumps and service costs

The introduction of PerfectFlow is low risk and high reward because PerfectFlow can be introduced on a step-by-step, system-by-system, station-by-station basis – thereby validating the value proposition at each stage, and ensuring proper education and training of plant personnel. Click here and see the section "How much do we save with PerfectFlow?" to view a breakdown of estimated cost savings.

Financial Rewards of PerfectFlow

For a fluid manufacturer's industrial customers, the financial rewards from using PerfectFlow are very compelling, in particular, reducing fluid transfer energy costs up to 80% with a return on investment up to 46% without a utility rebate, or up to 100% with a rebate.

  • For a fluid manufacturer's European operations that are paying Green Dot fees, they have a "free" shot to introduce PerfectFlow refillable packaging solutions to enable them to grow without increasing their environmental footprint. The Green Dot fees that they pay in just one yearare more than enough to pay for development costs, tooling costs, and launch costs for their refill programs -- all of the PerfectFlow start-up costs.

How PerfectFlow Energy Costs Compare to Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pumps

  • PerfectFlow energy costs are about 80% less when comparing PerfectFlow to traditional pneumatic pumps since PerfectFlow uses 2.8 – 4.5 CFM per gallon of fluid versus 20+ CFM per gallon of fluid for traditional pneumatic pumps.
  • PerfectFlow energy costs are about 20% less when comparing PerfectFlow to hydraulic pumps.

Benefits of PerfectFlow for Bulk Fluid Storage

  • Increased after-tax net income up to 23%, for participating operations
  • A return on investment up to 86% without a utility rebate, or up to 180% with a rebate
  • Reduced energy, transportation, and certain other costs up to 29%
PerfectFlow System

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