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PerfectFlow System

The collar protects the service valve, and has holes in its side to allow visual access to a pressure gauge that can be installed in the service valve’s 10% port. The collar is robust enough to permit mechanical lifting.

Sight Glass

Designed for use with a laser measurement inventory system.

Product Marking

PerfectFlow containers are marked with colored tape to designate the product inside. The PerfectFlow color for grease is black.


There are holes in the footring that allow easy access to the ¾” ball valve from the front.

Service Valve

This valve has three ports: POL port, 10% port, and safety valve. Nitrogen is introduced into the container through the POL port. A pressure gauge can be attached to the 10% port. The third port is a safety valve that vents excess pressure.

Nitrogen Pressure

Maximum nitrogen pressure of 120 psig is introduced into the container through the service valve and pushes the grease from the container.


DOT 4BW-225 manufacturing specification. The container can be used to haul grease under pressure on public roads. It has a capacity of 165 pounds of grease. Its empty weight is approximately 88 pounds.

PerfectFlow Grease Piston

The PerfectFlow grease piston ensures that the grease is uniformly pushed out
of the system.


The PerfectFlow grease systems will handle any grade of grease.

Valve Assembly

The valve assembly terminates with a ¾” ball valve.

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PerfectFlow System
PerfectFlow Grease System

How the PerfectFlow Grease System Works

Avoid the problems of grease drums and kegs forever!

Keep Grease Contamination Free

PerfectFlow is a sealed system that virtually eliminates contamination so no air, dust, or grime gets into the grease. Servicing equipment in dirty production environments with contamination-free product increases production and prolongs equipment life.

Eliminate Dented Drums and Kegs

With PerfectFlow grease systems there are no more inoperative grease dispensing systems due to dented drums or kegs. The result: no wasted grease, and no wasted time.

Eliminate Messy Grease Pumps

Pump changing is messy and a major cause of accidents. PerfectFlow eliminates change-by-hand grease pumps and follower plates.

Eliminate Drum and Keg Disposal Costs

PerfectFlow grease systems are refilled, so there is no drum or keg disposal problem.

Don’t Pay for Grease Left in the Drum

Grease left in the drum can be as much as 20%. With PerfectFlow you pay only for the grease you use, not what’s left behind.

Reduce Drum Change Time by 95%

Traditional drum change, including cleanup, takes over 20 minutes. With PerfectFlow, you change out your grease system in less than one minute!

Eliminate Difficulty of Measurement

Never run out of grease in the middle of a job again! With PerfectFlow’s gauge, it’s easy to measure the grease remaining in the system.

Eliminate Incomplete Lubrication

When an employee has just a few zerts to go and finds that the drum is empty, the incompletely lubricated equipment may be prematurely returned to service because changing the drums is so much trouble! PerfectFlow grease systems are quick and easy to change, so employees are happy to do it.

Create Cleaner and Safer Working Conditions

With PerfectFlow there’s no more pulling messy pumps ​and follower plates. Your chance of injury is reduced, and the mess of having the pump and plates out of the drum is eliminated.

Eliminate Baggies and Liners

The PerfectFlow grease system eliminates the need for baggies and liners - along with their cost and disposal problems.

Refillable on Your Premises

For heavy users, PerfectFlow grease systems can be refilled on your premises.

How the PerfectFlow Grease System Works

  • Step 1

    You or your jobber refill the 165-pound PerfectFlow portable grease system, while the 3300-pound PerfectFlow bulk grease system is filled and refilled by your jobber. The 3300-pound PerfectFlow bulk grease system also allows you to fill your PerfectFlow portable grease systems.

  • Step 2

    PerfectFlow systems are under nitrogen pressure, which forces the grease out of the system.

  • Step 3

    You lubricate your equipment using a grease gun fed directly by a PerfectFlow grease system or by a grease gun fed by a grease pump connected to a PerfectFlow grease system.

A Note about Nitrogen: Nitrogen is inert, non-flammable, non-combustible, non-corrosive, and inexpensive.
This means that it will not degrade your grease and acts as a fire retardant blanket on the grease.


The portable PerfectFlow grease system holds 165 pounds of grease that is refillable by either you or your jobber.


The 3300-pound grease system, refillable by your grease jobber, can feed your hose reel system.

Portable / Bulk System

The Portable/Bulk Grease System combines the advantages of both portable and bulk systems. You refill your PerfectFlow portable grease system directly from your PerfectFlow bulk system.

Dispensing Gun

This is an example of the filling apparatus for a PerfectFlow thick fluid dispensing gun as attached to the portable segment of the system.

PerfectFlow System

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