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How the PerfectFlow Oil System Works

Save up to 25% on every gallon of oil you use!


The PerfectFlow oil system changes oil quickly, freeing up people and equipment for other tasks.


You can change oil anywhere: in the middle of a field, at delivery sites, in parking lots, remote locations… wherever your equipment is idle. You save by freeing up service bays for other uses.


No electricity, pumps, or hose reels necessary. That means less noise, less maintenance, and less cost! Ideal for off-road applications.


A closed-loop system that contains the oil: 1) preventing spills of either new or used oil, 2) reducing accidents, 3) reducing damage from overhead hose reels, 4) increasing employee pride in their workplace, and 5) presenting a clean and environmentally positive image to the public.


Because PerfectFlow is a sealed, closed-loop system, oil can’t escape and foreign elements can’t enter, so there’s less wear on machines and less downtime. PerfectFlow is ideal for dirty production environments.


Multiple machine and motor oil weights and types, antifreeze, gear oils, etc. can be stored and dispensed from PerfectFlow systems.


You only pay for oil you actually dispense.

Inventory Control

With PerfectFlow, you only pay for the oil you use, eliminating shrinkage, pilferage, and residual oil problems.


The used oil is neatly and quickly evacuated into sealed systems for removal and collection. Environmental data is easily recorded and regulations met.

No Drum Problems

With PerfectFlow you can eliminate difficult drum moving issues, and there’s no costly drum reconditioning or disposal cost!

How the PerfectFlow Oil System Works

  • Step 1

    Your authorized PerfectFlow jobber provides you with special PerfectFlow new and used oil systems. The size and number of systems supplied depends on your needs. The three basic systems are described below.

  • Step 2

    You enjoy the value-added benefits of the PerfectFlow oil system. Because this is a closed-loop system, no oil is spilled…there is no mess, no hose reel problem, and no contamination. And it all happens in seconds!

  • Step 3

    Your PerfectFlow jobber will keep you supplied with lubricants. You will pay only for the exact amount of lubricant you have used. You are not charged for unrecoverable oil.

PerfectFlow Portable System


THE PRINCIPLE: The PerfectFlow system works by dispensing new oil with nitrogen pressure, and by collecting used oil with a vacuum. The filled new-oil system is placed under nitrogen pressure, eliminating the need for a pump, and moves the new oil to the end use on command.

To collect used oil, a vacuum is generated on the used-oil system, allowing the oil to be extracted without the use of a diaphragm pump. All three basic systems below operate on the same principle.

A Note about Nitrogen: Nitrogen is inert, non-flammable, non-combustible, non-corrosive, and inexpensive.


This system consists of one new-oil unit and one used-oil unit with a standard capacity of 22 gallons each. They can be mounted on a PerfectFlow two-system cart or a service vehicle. New-oil systems are filled and pressurized by your PerfectFlow jobber, who will exchange filled new-oil and empty used-oil systems for you.


The PerfectFlow bulk system allows large operations to take advantage of bulk oil delivery and to dispense oil from the bulk system to the end use. The PerfectFlow bulk system is self-contained, making it ideal for agriculture, mining, and other off-road applications. The PerfectFlow bulk system can work equally well with traditional types of setups, such as hose reels and hose hangers.

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Portable/Bulk System

The PerfectFlow portable/bulk system offers the advantages of both systems. This portable/bulk system is designed to refill or empty portable systems automatically when attached to the bulk system. Bulk new-oil systems are serviced by your PerfectFlow jobber. These systems are ideal for operations with both local and remote needs. Several PerfectFlow portable systems can be operated from a central bulk system.

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Vacuum Generator

Only PerfectFlow has it. The unique two-way floating check not only establishes the vacuum to remove used liquids from your equipment, but it also uses pressure to transfer used oil from your used-oil PerfectFlow system to your used-oil bulk storage tank.

PerfectFlow Saves You Money...

Unlimited Applications

The PerfectFlow system’s wide range of sizes and highly portable design make it well-suited for a variety of applications, including both centralized servicing and remote on-site maintenance.

The PerfectFlow oil system is an efficient, cost-effective method for servicing off-road, logging, agriculture, and mining equipment as well as trucking and other industrial and manufacturing applications.

The PerfectFlow oil system helps you meet the demands of business today, helping you increase profit margins and control costs for a healthier bottom line. It offers tremendous potential for a wide range of uses, from machine shops to manufacturing plants to the federal government and the home mechanic. In fact, PerfectFlow offers major advantages to anyone who can benefit from easier maintenance, reduced handling costs, and greater control over inventory and waste management. PerfectFlow is suitable for ISO 4406 compliance.

Anywhere... Anytime... Any Industry

PerfectFlow Saves Money in Plant and Other Machinery Operations: Heavy Equipment, In-Plant Machinery, Agriculture, and More!

Find Out How Much PerfectFlow Can Save You

With just a quick conversation about your specific requirements, you’ll receive a document describing a proposed PerfectFlow installation… and how much it will save today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

True Cost of Lubrication

Your true cost of lubrication is not just the price you pay for oil. You must include the cost of unrecoverable oil, labor, contamination, convenience, and more.

PerfectFlow Oil System
PerfectFlow System

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