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Industrial and Commercial Markets

Industrial & Commercial Markets

In industrial and commercial markets, some of our primary customers include vehicle manufacturers, railroads, petroleum refineries, and agricultural companies.

Petroleum Marketers

Petroleum Marketers

Petroleum marketers utilize thousands of our portable, bulk, and portable-bulk PerfectFlow systems. In this service, they are also referred to as Oil Bank® and Grease Bank®. These systems serve the needs of petroleum oil and grease jobbers who support numerous large and small industries.


Consumer Markets

Consumer markets include Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts who demand rapid, inexpensive, and clean oil change systems. PerfectFlow is available for licensing by end users, fluid companies, fluid system manufacturers, and application system manufacturers.


Refineries use the PerfectFlow to comply with ISO lubricant cleanliness standards.


Printers use PerfectFlow to pump ink to their presses. Printers benefit from a substantial reduction in their energy costs. The sealed system protects UV inks and transfers inks at low pressure reducing the risk of product separation.


Agricultural businesses use PerfectFlow to service their equipment in the fields with no fear of environmental contamination. In-field service saves valuable harvest time as well as increasing overall productivity because equipment stays where it's being used, not in the shop or in transit.


In the rail transportation industry, PerfectFlow quickly and cleanly fills wayside curve grease applicators, eliminating drums, pails, kegs, and liners and their hazards and disposal costs.

Auto Manufacturing

In the automobile manufacturing industry, the PerfectFlow system is integrated into existing robotic fluid dispensing systems and provides significant cost savings. PerfectFlow handles liquid applied sound deadener(LASD) effectively, reducing the time to change fluid containers up to 80%, eliminating buried rams, and protecting employees from hazardous materials.


PerfectFlow technology is ideal for servicing mining equipment in open pit and downhole applications.  The closed system eliminates the risk of product spills and servicing equipment with contaminated lubricants downhole.  As a result equipment does not have to be brought up to the surface to be properly serviced.  PerfectFlow's sealed system is particularly suitable for mining applications because air-borne particulate matter cannot contaminate the lubricant.

Food Industry

The food industry uses PerfectFlow to handle thick fluids like mayonnaise, tomato paste, and hot and cold cooking oils. PerfectFlow protects these products from airborne pathogens in seamless container-to-container transfers as well as container-to-user transfers.

Chemical Companies

PerfectFlow systems are used to distribute chemicals safely and efficiently in factories as well as in remote locations. PerfectFlow systems prevent employee exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

PerfectFlow System

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