Railway Operations

Traditional Refill Methods for Railway Fluid Transfer are Messy and Wasteful

PerfectFlow Results in clean, efficient transfer of thick fluids and almost zero waste

Railroads use PerfectFlow and dispense curve grease in remote locations because PerfectFlow systems are self-powered with high transfer rates.

Railroads can reduce unit volume purchases by up to 30% because the system minimizes waste and residual. PerfectFlow also minimizes way-side theft problems because PerfectFlow systems are not easily stolen.

PerfectFlow increases in-field container longevity. Since PerfectFlow systems are frequently in remote railroad locations, they have become targets for local hunters unable to hit moving game.The cylindrical shape of PerfectFlow systems have proven durable, capable of withstanding steel-jacketed 50-caliber ammunition shot within about 30 yards.

Because using PerfectFlow makes it easy to fill wayside grease vaults, railroads reduce wheel and rail wear significantly. First, during the winter, curve grease is frequently not pourable. Accordingly, traditional approaches to filling wayside vaults require significant effort and time because it requires ladles or other implements to dig out the grease and deposit it into the wayside vault.Second, since pails of curve grease weigh about 38 pounds and need to be lifted off the high-rail truck down to the wayside vault, wayside vaults are sometimes left unfilled.

PerfectFlow increases the safety of employees using high-rail units that fill wayside grease vaults. On one turn in the southeast the high-rail service unit has less than 45 minutes to drive down the rail out to a given wayside vault, fill it with curve grease, and drive back and get off the track before the next train. PerfectFlow allows way-side vaults to be serviced in 45 seconds instead of 45 minutes. Using PerfectFlow, the high-rail operator can fill the wayside vault with a hose connected to a PerfectFlow system in the back of the high-rail unit and pump curve grease into the vault. PerfectFlow makes drums, kegs, and pails plus their respective liners obsolete thus eliminating the associated costs and expenses of attendant handling and disposal.

Railroads reduce fuel consumption by up to 26% with improved rail lubrication. Furthermore, they benefit from a system compatible with on-board lubrication because product can be dispensed at a constant, ratable rate independent of locomotive power output.

PerfectFlow System

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