Grease Transfer System

Keep grease contamination free. Now, you can service equipment in dirty production environments with contamination-free product, increasing production and prolonging equipment life. You'll avoid the problems of grease drums and kegs forever.

PerfectFlow Portable Grease System

The portable PerfectFlow grease system holds 165 pounds of grease that is refillable by either you or your jobber.

PerfectFlow Bulk Oil System

The 3300-pound grease system, refillable by your grease jobber, can feed your hose reel system.

PerfectFlow Portable Bulk Grease System

The Portable/Bulk Grease System combines the advantages of both portable and bulk systems. You refill your PerfectFlow portable grease system directly from your PerfectFlow bulk system.

PerfectFlow Dispensing Gun
Booster Gun

The thick fluid dispensing gun is attached to the portable segment of the system and is suitable for fluids ranging from liquids to highly viscous semi-solids.

Oil Transfer System

The PerfectFlow Oil Transfer System saves up to 25% on every gallon of oil you use!  It also changes oil in seconds, never spills a drop, is contamination free, and solves common environmental problems.

PerfectFlow Portable Oil System

This system consists of one new oil unit and one used oil unit with a standard capacity of 22 gallons each. They can be mounted on a PerfectFlow two-system cart or a service vehicle.

PerfectFlow Bulk Oil System

The PerfectFlow bulk system allows large operations to take advantage of bulk oil delivery and to dispense oil from the bulk system to the end use.

PerfectFlow System

The PerfectFlow portable/bulk system offers the advantages of both systems. This portable/bulk system is designed to refill or empty the portable system automatically when attached.

Vacuum Generator

Only PerfectFlow has it!

The unique two-way floating check establishes the vacuum to remove used liquids from machines and engines and uses pressure to transfer used oil from your used oil system to your used oil bulk storage tank.

Additional Systems

PerfectFlow systems can be customized for dozens of applications for industrial and commercial markets. Here are some additional systems.

Oil Refinery

Refineries use the PerfectFlow to comply with ISO cleanliness standards.

Male worker operating on industrial printer

Printers use PerfectFlow to pump ink to their presses and reduce risk of separation.


Railroads use PerfectFlow to quickly and cleanly fills wayside curve grease applicators.

Round Baler Pickup Head

Agricultural businesses use PerfectFlow to service their equipment in the fields

Welding Robots
Auto Manufacturing

Automobile manufacturers integrate PerfectFlow systems into robotic fluid dispensers.

Coal production at one of the open fields

Mining operations use PerfectFlow to service equipment in open pit and downhole applications.

Automatic Inspection Machine - Ampules
Chemical Companies

Chemical companies use PerfectFlow to transfer viscous chemicals and compounds.

Consumer Systems

PerfectFlow System Commercial Use
Commercial Fluid Dispenser

The PerfectFlow system is completely customizable for your specific product and market, whether it’s moisturizing lotion, hand soap, or laundry detergent. Because the system is completely sealed, there’s zero mess and product purity is assured!

PerfectFlow System

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